What we do

Medical Care for injured cows in Road accidents


Medical Shelter for cows


Lets come together to support this noble cause…Many of us have a place to call home, where we can get shelter, food, and clean water. However, there are millions of animals that are wandering on the roads, with no place to call home. They have to eat from garbage piles, drink from muddy puddles, and end up getting injured in road accidents.

There have been thousands of deaths across the country that involved Cattle and cows. These road accidents didn’t only take the lives of humans but have also injured voiceless cows.

Every day, we rescue cows that are injured or abandoned on the roads. These cows are brought to our center where they can eat proper food, drink clean water, and get proper medical treatment.

There are some heart wrenching incidents where these voiceless cattle and cows are hurt beyond damage

We drink our mother’s milk for one or two years of age. However, for the rest of our life, we depend on cow’s milk.”

We often hear that a cow is like our mother. Today, the Gau Mata needs a better home. We urge you to contribute generously to give these injured, rescued, and innocent cows a home where we dedicatedly serve the injured cows.

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