What we do

Provide Shelter and proper food to the street & abandoned cows


Cows are mostly left on the streets to fend for themselves. This makes them prone to vehicle accidents and as they are forced to forage for their own food, they scavenge through piles of rubbish eating anything from plastic to battery cells.

 Bhakti parikar Gauseva team is the shelter currently in Govardhan & Vrindavan  For providing medical Ayurvedic  care to injured & abused Cows. The shelter provides a safe haven for stray & abused cows, where they are fed a healthy, balanced diet.

Many cows have lost their babies, and are severely malnourished due to years of a bad diet, which includes plastic. In hot summer months, they require lots of clean drinking water, but instead are forced to drink from contaminated Drainage which are mixed up with petrol and soap. We rescue  them from various cruel scenarios, such as road accidents,  & acid attacks, foot & Helpless situations & many more.

Bhakti parikar team rescues almost 3 cows every day. Bhakti parikar team has gained the experience and the know-how to treat and rehabilitate injured cows after working for 5 years. Currently there are 120+ cows at the bhakti parikar shelter at Vrindavan & govardhan. Once the cows get completely healed, they are sent to larger Gaushalas where there is a lot of land and can be fed well. However, the bigger Goushalas lack the time and the expertise to treat injured cows.

Bhakti praikar gau seva team is struggling to bear the costs of running the organization and reaching out to more cows in distress. Every day they have to feed 120+ cows and provide for the medicines and the treatment of the rescued cows. Your help will ensure that the gauseva team can continue to rescue and rehabilitate more cows in distress on the streets of Vrindavan & Goverdhan.


Glimpse of our work